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About Us

The foundation of Indreni Group was laid out in the bare streets of Battisputali About three decades ago. From a 5 table local eatery to a business complex dedicated to eating and entertainment for more than a million people has now been realized. We feel that the fuel for our growth is each smiling and satisfied customers that are leaving our premises. Our strength is in our values and our customers. On behalf of the Indreni Family i would like to make a commitment of providing the best that can be done and even more.

Who We Are

The common interest of serving the customers is the bond that unites the Indreni Group. We have been providing our customers with the bet food and catering services in the past and now with the addition of high standard party halls, Seminar/conference hall, hotel training centre we are taking the hospitality market to the next level. We have imagined a universe of food and entertainment backed up by world class services and infrastructure that envies 5 star restaurants and eateries. “Let’s Serve and Grow Together”

Why We Do This

When you are looking for perfect combination of taste, comfort and ambience Indreni Food Land is the place to be. Be is quick grab launch a relaxed meetings over lunch, we serve you the best of Indian, Continental and Local dishes. Our kitchen boasts of all fresh and quality ingredients accompanied by a professional waiting service. Come and indulge yourself to the colors of Indreni.


3 Decades Ago


From a 5 Table local eatery to a Business Complex dedicated to dine and entertainment for more than one million people